Jewelry By Lorelei
urchase custom designed and crafted jewelry by Lorelei McBroom.





"Both necklaces that I own were used with this one top... the jewels can be worn with ANYTHING.. from jeans to evening wear! So versatile... x Have a beautiful day and again, thanks, you made my day lovely girl.." MEDIUM JAY LANE


"I'm so honoured... I get so many compliments on this set!" MEDIUM JAY LANE 

She also wore this necklace in her promotional photo seen above.

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"Got my necklaces today! Yay they are beautiful!! Thank you for sending them so quickly. You make beautiful jewellry!" KERRY

I love african beads! EDYE

from my floydian collection

Mike bought setsfor his wife and daughters. He also requested a special custom order. He wrote "Wow that was fast I didn't think you were going to make it for a couple days. Looks great!" MIKE LANDRY

"Hi Lorelei, I have had so many compliments when I've worn the purple set, sure you would sell lots. My blue heart is absolutely gorgeous, I love it, love it, love it and Karen loves hers too." LOUISE

"Three weeks ago she said to me..... I really want one of Loreleis necklaces, I love all of yours. She was so happy on Christmas Day xxx" LOUISE

"I love the piece I have of yours - truly beautiful !  I just posted your album on my timeline for more folks to take a good long look at some really pretty jewelry." PAT

"Wearing Lorelei McBroom's handmade choker for luck....." JULIE

Julie received the prototype version of this necklace in 2013. Due to populare demand I revised and released a limited edition in 2015.

"As tomorrow is a special occasion, I think I will wear one of my favourite accessories to the Royal Albert Hall. My wonderful 'Dark Side' necklace and earring set handmade by Lorelei McBroom." JULIE

"It is my new favorite necklace!! (And that was the 7th one I bought that week)." KATHRYN

Artist Lauri Lowenberg gave me this fabulous painting after receiving her first necklace, so I gave her another.

"I simply HAD to show off the gorgeous jewelry my friend Lorelei McBroom made for me. Isn't it beautiful? I bet there's someone on your list that would looooove some unique jewelry (for Christmas!) In addition to crafting jewlery Lorelei is also a backup singer for The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Rod Stewart. That's a cool tidbit you can tell your loved one when you give them a piece of her jewelry. Check out her stuff here

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