K Earth 101 is L.A.'s No. 1 Morning Drive Radio Show

My son Miles and I were living in Los Angeles for a few years and listened to the classic rock and
r&b station K Earth 101 FM when driving to school. Miles (16) told me "Mom go back to singing work."
I wondered how I could get some valid attention after being off the road for so long. The station played lots of
songs fitting my pedigree so I emailed themorning DJ Gary Bryan. I heard nothing so I attended the 70th
anniversary of Pinks Hot Dog Stand. Gary was there.

There was a line at least 10 blocks down to get in. I put on my 'Marcus McBroom' thinking cap
and decided to go to the back door. Gary Bryan and his family were sitting right next to it. I introduced
myself and he remembered my email. He appologised for not getting back to me and invited
me to be on the show in the studio. He told me I could bring Miles. It was great and began an
unprecedented run of 10 interviews in 2010.

Not only did I discuss my career but I also got to sing for their Office of the Day contest. 
Antonio their regular office of the day celebrity and I went together to that office and serenaded
the winners together after my second visit.

Video blog filmed after my interview February 2nd 2010. Video - Video blog filmed March 9th 2010. Video -

Gary continued to invite Lorelei to participate with K Earth 101 before the Rod Stewart
tour set sail to Dubai. The radio station was sponsoring a fabulous concert featuring
AND THE RASCALS. Lorelei became a talent judge for a contest they held at Knotts Berry Farm
for an opening act for the show. Lorelei and her fellow judges Ron Donte from the Raskells
and host Antonio from the Morning show picked Alex Nester. She is a soulful blond with the
pipes of a dynamo.

Contest winner Alex Nester performed as an opening act before thousands of people. Here's a sample of her talent -