Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd led by David Gilmour and Nick Mason had successfully acquired the right to use the name and proceed without Roger Waters. They'd released a new CD called MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON and launched a world tour. It began in Europe. While in the United States, the band decided to expand the backing vocal section for 2 official videos from the CD - 'THE DOGS OF WAR' and 'ON THE TURNING AWAY.' Lorelei received a call from a video producer she'd just met requesting 3 singers for Pink Floyd.

Listen to the sisters talk about their experiences with Pink Floyd while on tour with the Australian Pink Floyd.


Lorelei and her sister Durga McBroom are both featured in the full length version of this broadcast (now on DVD), as well as in several music videos from the various tours they have been on with PINK FLOYD.

Pink Floyd Learning to Fly 1989 Venice Live by futurlegolas11

LORELEI McBroom - DURGA McBroom - RACHEL Fury                     LORELEI McBroom - DURGA McBroom - RACHEL Fury           

LIVE IN VENICE                                                                               LIVE IN MOSCOW

" The opportunity to sing with PINK FLOYD was a magnificent experience! It was my very first tour. As I looked out into the audience and saw  mesmerized expressions coming over the crowd, all I could think was 'I feel the exact same way you do..... TOTALLY Blown away!' 
David Gilmour will always hold a special place in my heart for giving my sister and I the chance to sing together and tour with one of my all time favorite bands! He has been a true friend to us." ~ LORELEI


Lorelei McBroom - Claire- Torry - The Blackberries - Rachel Fury - Machon Taylor - Roberta Freeman - Leslie Duncan
Durga McBroom, Sam Brown, Durga, Claudia Fontaine, Venetta Fields, Carlena Williams