McBroom Media llc

McBroom Media LLC launched in 2015

Lorelei studied film in college as well as the Music Business. It has always been her ambition
to work in various fields of media. She's had the good fortune to work on both sides of
production - on stage and behind the scenes. McBroom Media LLC is expanding her 
reach into Television production.

David Paul Bryant has become one of Lorelei's new business partners as we prepare to launch
new production projects in the coming year. Much more info to come.

Productions and Promotions

 In 1986 Lorelei McBroom and her first company Song ofthe Lorelei Productions signed
a production deal with Capitol records. She produced an album with producer/mentor 
Nile Rodgers. (Click to learn more about Lorelei's professional history with Nile Rodgers.)
Due to a major shake up at Capitol/EMI every executive from the President down
was replaced. 

photos of Lorelei from top left -by Tony Viramontes by George Holtz

Lorelei no longer had an A&R staff that supported her efforts. Due to racial componants that she 
later discovered kept her "pop" album from getting the support the pop staff wanted to put behind it, and
she was released from her contract.

Lorelei began her touring career throughout Europe with Pink Floyd, followed by the Johnny 'JUST GOT PAID' Kemp
and the Rolling Stones.

After a triumphant Rolling Stones tour and IMAX film release, she decided to start a family.

Lorelei studied production,promotion, songwriting and management at U.C.L.A.  The courses and the
amazing industry teachers gave Lorelei the tools to expand her horizons to include many aspects of
the entertainment business.

Like her mentor Nik Venet

During her early days in New York, Lorelei worked as an assistant account manager at Epstein Rayboy advertising.
Clients included Palmers Cocoa formula and Barney's New York. She composed music and helped produce
radio commercials under the leadership of Mitch "when E.F. Hutton speaks" Epstein. 

Prelude - Underground Network - OHM Music and Film Works -
Soul Party NYC

Don Welch met Lorelei and Paul Litteral when they were hired to work with Canadian dance artist Brenda Durman.
Prelude Music and Film Works released 'LOVE IS ALL AROUND'. Lorelei was a writer, and produced the vocals. Don left
the company to form OHM Music & Film Works. Lorelei worked with him on several projects spanning from video production
to CD production, A&R duties, event promotion and more. They created Soul Party NYC to host classic R&B events.

To celebrate the life of Willie Hutch, Lorelei was commissioned to create this video tribute to the late composer.

New Talent

Lorelei has always had an eye for new talent. Here are a few she really believes in.


Lara Smiles - Pop/Dance/Rock