McBroom Sisters tour the world!


In 2011, Durga joined Lorelei and the Australian Pink Floyd to sing a unique duo versio of "Great Gig In The Sky." They asked Durga to tour the UK in 2012 where they reprised the classic song. 

Their video has more than 915,000 views.


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason saw the Aussie Floyd video and asked the sisters to join him along with Dire Straites members Guy Fletcher and John Illsley for the 2012 Festival of Speed in Surrey in the UK. It was a specticle! A water and light show ending with fireworks! No videos were made but the memories! 


We have shows August 10th in Italy, and on August 11th in Sicily, 2018

In Italy  Jazz by the Pool- An evening with the McBroom Sisters click for event site

In Sicily Pink Floyd Lazer Show featuring The McBroom Sisters with Inside Out click for tickets

Past shows in Italy began in 1989. We've returned many time since. 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017.


The classic concert PINK FLOYD LIVE IN VENICE is a treasured memory in Italy. Tribute bands began calling and asking the sisters to join them as feature lead singers. Beginning in 2013 they joined Pink Sonic (first photo) for their first tour of Italy together. They rejoined singer Moira Mo and Venice Floyd in Chiogga, Italy 2014.


Durga began working South America in 2009. Thankfully in 2015 Lorelei was finally able to join her for her first tour of Argentina with tribute band UMMAGUMMA (Argentina.)
The sisters performed in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario to happy crowds. "It's been great for me to tour countries performing my favorite Pink Floyd songs as a lead singer. I'm meeting new fans in South America and enjoying their passion for the music!" 

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The McBroom Sisters were also asked to teach a MASTER CLASS for the Tamaba Music Institute.  They discussed their careers and offered industry advice to the students. They also sang for the class, accompanied by the head master Gabriel Mourelos.

Here we are with the beautiful backing singers in THE END. 

In 2016 on tour with Argentina's THE END, Lorelei performed her version of "HAVE A CIGAR"and it is now one of her signature favorites. The tour took the sisters to Sandiago De Chile in Chile and Mendoza, Rosario and Buenos Aires to packed houses.